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Jeanette Bradley

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Ms. Bradley has an Associates degree in Mental health/Chemical Dependency and a CDCA License, both in 2011 from Columbus State Community College.  She has been a member of CORRC (Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition), and the Attorney General’s Study Commission since 2007.


She developed a street outreach for The Salvation Army for prostitutes and trafficked victims on the streets over 10 years ago.  She was also a volunteer and "CATCH Mom" at CATCH court, a special docket that helps prostitutes rebuild their lives.  She also helps these victims with an "Extreme Makeover" as they move into their own apartments.  Jeanette was recognized as the Ohio Liberator Survivor of the Year for 2016 because of her continuing fight against human trafficking. She received an Outstanding Service Award from Judge Paul Herbert, the founder of the CATCH program, as well as Outstanding Student Leader at Columbus State in 2010.   She received a Commendation letter from the Ohio House of Representatives for her service on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2012, and she testified at the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee regarding the passing of HB 262.



She became an advocate and abolitionist in 2007 for trafficked victims, and has become an effective national and international speaker since 2008, speaking at schools, universities, churches, Ohio Statehouse, and other various organizations, and has traveled around the states and Eastern Europe to bring awareness.


Her first book "I’m Still Standing" is available for purchase.  She is currently writing a second book to be released later this year.  She founded a street ministry called 2nd Chance in 2003, which has helped thousands of homeless, the poor, prostitutes, and anyone who needs a second chance.  She was once a homeless, alcoholic, drug addicted prostitute and trafficked victim. Having been a survivor, and now an overcomer, she found her voice, and she knows the importance of feeling loved, and accepted, and getting intensive counseling and support.


She is passionate and determined to be a living epistle of Proverbs 31:8-9  "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those who are perishing.  Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see they get justice."




Jeanette Bradley


Human Trafficking Survivor


Founder of 2nd Chance Ministries

(street ministry)


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